The Benefits of Forming an LLC

Protect Your Personal Assets

Forming an LLC separates your business assets from your personal assets. Should something go wrong, you are protecting yourself from personal liability. The company steps in and holds all liability, instead of interfering with your personal assets. I particularly recommend clients who are purchasing investment properties to hold them in an LLC to shield them from potential liability.

Management Flexibility

The ease and simplicity of an LLC is also why it is such a good fit for many of my clients. No other entity gives you the ownership and management flexibility that an LLC does. When setting up the LLC, you have great discretion to form the company just as you like it. You can direct the company as you choose with the contents of the Operating Agreement.

Spend Less Time Doing Paperwork

To put it simply: LLC’s have less corporate governance requirements than other entity types. When starting your company, you have a lot more important things to do than dealing with paperwork regarding compliance issues. An LLC allows you to easily form an entity that protects your liability, without bogging you down with extensive compliance requirements.
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