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A New Company that Aims to Securely Store Your Estate Planning Documents Online

A question that I often receive after drafting estate planning documents for my clients is, “Where do I store these documents and how will my loved ones find them?”. In the past, I have instructed them to get a safe deposit box and make sure to inform one or more beneficiaries as to it’s location and it’s general contents. While this is certainly a good option, there are many variables and inconveniences that it can present.  However, a new company – Estate Assist – aims to change that somewhat antiquated method. The company has created a secure, cloud-based, digital safe deposit box where customers can upload, organize and automatically distribute all the critical information and documents related to their estate. The company’s founder created the idea after a family tragedy left his grandfather searching for his grandmother’s Will in the midst of grieving her death. This is something that I know many of my clients can relate to.

While Estate Assist is not necessarily a novel idea, as there are various cloud-based document storage venues out there, the company differentiates itself by organizing and assisting it’s users as to what types of documents they may want to secure, who they want to designate to receive these documents and the circumstances in which designees will gain access.

At $4.49 a month, Estate Assist offers a reasonable, secure system that provides peace of mind. I encourage all of my clients to see if Estate Assist can help them keep their estate plan organized and secure.

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