healing with your divorce

Healing From Your Divorce: Coping with the Six Stages

Healing From Your Divorce.  Accepting and Coping with the Six Stages of Recovery.

If you are among the one-third of Americans who have experienced divorce, you can likely relate to the various stages of the breakup. These stages range everywhere from denial to acceptance. While it can seem like a daunting road to feeling yourself again, I always assure my clients that it will get better.  Every week, I am impressed by the progress that my clients make.  The visible difference between the first client meeting and the final client meeting, is palpable.  If you find yourself struggling, take some time to reflect on the six stages that Psychologist Thomas Whiteman, co-author of Starting Over (with Randy Petersen, Piñon Press, 2001) suggests are normal in working through this difficult time. 

*List was adapted from an article by Brad Lewis in Focus on the Family

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