New Business Mistake #3: Not drafting a standard form contract in favor of your company

March 7, 2014

A time and money-saving tactic that all new companies should engage in, is having a standard form contract that they can tailor accordingly. Coming up with a standard contract does not have to sound as daunting as it does. Companies should often rely on contracts that exist in the industry and adjust them to their […]

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Minneapolis Ranked Top City For Women Entrepreneurs

February 25, 2014

According to a new study which analyzed education levels and unemployment rates, Minneapolis is rated #4 top city for women entrepreneurs.  If you are starting your own business, and need advice, please contact my Firm for a free consultation.    

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New Business Mistake #2: Not starting the business as a corporation or LLC

February 18, 2014

Another common mistake made by new businesses, is not taking the time to determine the legal entity to operate the business.  Often, founders start operations before consulting with an attorney or tax accountant and have to incur a higher tax liability as a result.  Simple planning at the outset can avoid higher costs later on. […]

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Common Mistake Made by Startups (#1)

February 12, 2014

1. Not making a clear contract or deal with co-founders The first mistake in this series I am calling “Common Mistakes Made by Startups”, is not delineating a clear deal between the founders.  Making this mistake not only causes unnecessary disputes between founders, but it also wreaks havoc when the company is acquired or worse, […]

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Basics: Hiring Your First Employee

February 11, 2014

First, congratulations! If you are considering hiring your first employee, you are most likely to a point where you have seen visible results and need some support to grow your business even further. Keirnes Law offers advice and resources regarding many decisions you will have to make, such as: Independent contractor vs. employee At-will employment […]

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Advising New Business Owners

February 10, 2014

Keirnes Law Firm works with new business owners in Minneapolis from early stage issues such as what entity to form, to later stage issues such as dissolution and shareholder disputes.  Because the Firm understands what it takes to start a new business, we are able to work with new business owners’ budgets and offer cost-effective […]

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How to Rekindle Pride in the Legal Profession

January 30, 2014

As the title “Fair Deal for All Clients: How to Rekindle Pride in the Legal Profession” implies, Gerald F. Phillips’ book evaluates the declining reputation of the legal profession through the lens of improper client billing. Based on the author’s personal experiences with improper billing as an attorney and as an expert witness, mediator and […]

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Motion to Compel Discovery

November 21, 2013

A lengthy yet important part of litigation is discovery, which is the time when both parties obtain necessary information to prove their case.  While discovery can go smoothly and quite efficiently in some cases, in many cases, such is not the reality. Parties are often hesitant or even reluctant to disclose requested documents or provide […]

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7 Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

August 21, 2013

Because of the extremely high stakes in most divorces, the process is often emotionally charged and parties do not always use their best discretion when making decisions. Parties are making important decisions regarding their children and finances in the midst of the pain of starting a new life with out the support of their partner. […]

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Discussions About End of Life Over Dinner

August 19, 2013

A recent initiative entitled “Death over Dinner” has brought the ideas from death to life over dinner.  Many families and friends are having organized dinners with their loved ones to discuss end of life decisions and wishes. While these conversations are often awkward, having them over dinner in a group setting can ease some of […]

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