Family Law

Family law encompasses divorce, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and child rearing arrangements, child support, alimony and adoption. These are often emotionally charged and stressful issues. At Keirnes Law Firm, all of your family law maters will be taken care of in a respectful, compassionate and effective manner.

Nicole Keirnes will provide relentless representation, while maintaining an understanding of the emotional and financial cost of these proceedings. Keirnes Law Firm makes every effort to help its clients end their marriages in an amicable fashion, so that each party can move forward with his or her lives.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can ensure that your wishes are carried out and help you pass your assets and values on to future generations. Careful, strategic estate planning and administration will help protect you and your family.

Keirnes Law Firm offers comprehensive estate planning services which include: Trusts and living trusts to hold and/or manage your assets, wills, which can serve as a “back-up” document to living trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives/living wills, HIPAA/CMIA medical record release and authorizations, and guardianship designations.


Business Law

Legal issues can arise at all stages of business’s operation. Whether it be from the initial start up to the dissolution, legal representation is important to guide a client through each step of the way. Keirnes Law Firm promises personal attention and dedicated advocacy on behalf of clients so they can focus on what really matters – running their business.

Keirnes Law firm offers consulting and litigation services in all areas of business in including:Purchase, Sale, Transfer or Dissolution of a business – Including Contract Reviews / Purchase & Sale Agreements, Loan Agreements, Secured Transactions and mediation / negotiation of disputes and breach of contract issues.


Keirnes Law Firm offers mediation services for a variety of issues including: divorce, family, interpersonal, workplace, business, real estate, organizational and partnership disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary and private settlement process emphasizing informed decision-making and mutually acceptable agreements. Mediation provides parties with an opportunity to solve the dispute on their own, without the often lengthy and tiring judicial process. Mediation is often less expensive than litigating a dispute, and parties often feel more satisfied knowing that they contributed to the resolution of their own issues.

Keirnes Law Firm offers expert mediation services, with the education and experience to ensure that your dispute will be handled as efficiently as possible.



Keirnes Law works with you to make legal advice acessable. Several types of fee arrangements can be used depending on the type of case, difficulty of the issues involved, amount of work required, time limitations or expectations, and amount of money the law firm will need to invest among other factorsDepending upon the case, fees may be reasonable hourly rates depending upon the anticipated demands and timeline of the case, all inclusive flat fee arrangements or a hybrid of the two. Our goal is to tailor fees to fairly capture the level of service and work provided and the value conferred to our clients.